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Why Choose Xpress CDs?

Why we believe we can offer you the best duplication service above and beyond our competitors......

Working from a business premises with the latest up to date machinery and technology with a dedicated team means we are able to offer you the best possible service to the highest standards with a turnaround of just 1 working day for your urgent orders at no extra cost!

Before your order is processed at Xpress CDs your artwork is checked as standard for any issues or reasons it may not print exactly as you would expect, once checked, your artwork will be set up for print and emailed back to you for approval, we will never print your artwork until it is approved and you are completely satisfied.
If you are unsure of your artwork or how your colours will print, we can send you a printed disc sample free of charge!

At Xpress CDs all our discs are printed using the latest thermal printers.

Some duplication company’s offer both inkjet and thermal printing services, with inkjet always being the cheaper option, beware! Inkjet printing is cheaper for a reason and will not compare to the standard of a thermally printed disc. Inkjet printing could leave you with a blurry print with colour loss that smears and rubs off or an uneven finish due to a lacquer being added to the disc surface.

We only use thermal printers!

Inkjet printed disc
Thermally printed Disc


We would always advise you to compare samples from your chosen companies to compare, we can send you a recently produced sample free of charge.

CD and Card wallet produced by a company using Inkjet printing
Our CD and Card wallet


All our card wallets, digipaks and packaging options are made from 280 – 350gsm premium stock and are available in a gloss or matt finish.
All our packing options are finished to a standard that only we believe we can offer, Why?
We are the only duplication company within the UK to produce our packaging on an iXE-10 cutting table, allowing us to dielessly cut your packaging perfectly leaving no tags, perforations or uneven edges, our amazing cutting table can cut and crease any shape possible, allowing us to offer you a wide range of packaging options or even a bespoke packaging option tailored to your own design if required.

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