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USB Flash drives/memorysticks.

Promoting your product or company can lead you down many avenues, but as a direct, bespoke and functional product USB flash drives/memory sticks take some beating.

Xpress CDs offer both standard and bespoke USB's with our large range of shapes and sizes the standard option incorporates off the shelf products which then can be customized by professesionaly printing your logo. This avoids any design or tooling costs and gives you the flexibility to order lower quantities (as little as 50 units). For a more unique shape or size USB’s. For example your company logo or a special event we can liaise with to create your bespoke product.
Both standard and bespoke USB’s can be supplied with a flash memory capacity from 64MB up to 4GB. However rapid advances in technology will see this capacity increase within 2009.

If required we could pre-load your USB’s with your supplied data and to run automatically once the drive or USB is inserted into your computer. This would work in the same way an auto Run CD ROM would, with the added advantage of taking less space than a CD ROM.

Also compared to a CD ROM the USB flash drive can hold far much more data and in a smaller volume. USB flash drives branded with your company logo and website can improve your buisnesses image. They could be loaded with corperate presentations to be handed out at meetings or loaded with MP3 music to be given away after a music event. some other examples could be:

  • Digital video and music
  • PDF Documents
  • Images
  • Software
  • Work Portfolios

How to get the data to us

We can accept masters through email, FTP or post.

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We use bespoke packaging designed and constructed to keep our products safe, however, inevitably damage in transit does occur occasionally and we respond immediately to replace affected goods without delay.