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Media Production Guide

audio mastering

Mastering Prepartion

On receipt of your master disc, we carry out extensive pre production checks to ensure your media is technically correct.
We cannot feasibly listen to every single track, therefore we advise clients to listen carefully to their discs and check for any low audio fidelity issues etc before sending them.
All masters should be prepared correctly using high quality discs and the lowest burn speed.

CD & DVD Duplication

The duplication process involves copying information directly from your supplied master disc, onto our grade A blank discs. Duplication is ideal for short runs (between 50 and 500) and quick turn arounds, within 48 hours, as unlike the replication process, duplication does not require a glassmaster to be produced. Duplication, also known as "burning", is carried out in-house on our latest R-Quest auto duplicators. Data from your master disc is loaded onto our hard drive, which once verified against your original is then recorded onto premium blank media, using a laser process to achieve a consistent high-end result every time.


On receipt of your artwork our designers will carry out pre-print checks to highlight any issues with size, resolution, bleed etc. This is to ensure we achieve the best possible result when printing.
If we find any problems we will ask you to amend as necessary, or discuss appropriate options.

We never amend artwork and charge extra payment without consultation.
For further in-depth information on artwork / mastering requirements, please see our technical support pages.

We can also provide a bespoke design and artwork service to meet your project needs and requirements. For further details, please contact us

CD and DVD Printing

rimage printers

XpressCDs use the latest Rimage Everest 600 dpi thermal retransfer printers.

This newest Technology leads the way in media printing.

With grade "A" thermal blank discs we achieve a photo-quality finish, which is permanent, water proof, scratchproof and UV resistant.

Unlike inkjet printing our thermal print needs no toxic lacquer application to prevent smudging or scratching.

Some of our corporate clients need high quality printed media, which they duplicate as and when required. Due to their robust characteristics thermal discs are the ideal option.

Printed Paper Parts

Using both the latest Xerox docucolour high resolution digital printers and disc to plate Heidelberg litho printing machinery enables us to offer a wide range of printing options.

From the standard 2 or 4 page CD booklet, which sits in the front of a CD jewel case to 8, 12, 16 + page stitched booklets, CD back inlays either single or double sided (no extra cost) and perforated for a professional quality finish and DVD inlays (wrap) again with single or double side printing.

All our duplication packaging is the same high quality "retail spec" as that used for our replication products.

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We use bespoke packaging designed and constructed to keep our products safe, however, inevitably damage in transit does occur occasionally and we respond immediately to replace affected goods without delay.