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DVD Duplication

DVD duplication is a cost effective method of copying smaller quantities of discs, usually up to 500. XPRESSCDS offer fast, high quality DVD duplication using the latest technology and enhancement techniques available for DVD duplication services.

XPRESSCDS have been providing clients with DVD duplication services for many years. We are a highly experienced and dedicated team, available to our clients seven days a week, offering quality DVD duplication services with advice on all aspects of DVD artwork, DVD packaging and DVD design.

We manufacture audiovisual products to the highest professional standards – and at the most competitive prices through our DVD duplication services. We give you a fast and friendly service based on many years experience in every field of music and data media and DVD duplication services.

Check out our client examples on the home page, we work with huge companies and tiny businesses and we never compromise on service or standards.There are no hidden charges and we are always available to help with information or queries 7 days a week.

"Finally found a DVD replication company that takes customer care seriously and gives us a quality product every time. We can’t recommend XpressCDs highly enough."

James Walters
UK Component Company