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CD Business Card Replication

Promote yourself or your product with  stylish multi media CD business cards which can contain presentations, video clips, PDFs, sales brochures or perhaps your website.
Well designed CD business cards make a statement about you and will impress your clients, for the same sort of cost as standard CD.

Xpresscds offer 2 standard sizes:

1, Small business card 56 x 86mm capacity 25MB
2, Large business card 64 x 89mm capacity 83MB

These can be printed in photo quality litho full colour or pantone colours to match your existing corporate identity.

Whilst the standard packaging for CD business cards is clear poly wallets we also offer card wallets printed full colour front and back.These make an eye-catching complement to the cards.

As a marketing tool or personal introduction, CD business cards are acknowledged as the way forward in global commerce.

Email or call us to discuss your requirements or for a quotation.

Artwork templates

For either the large or the small click the corresponding image below for the artwork:

Mini CD replication

An 8cm or "mini" CD has a maximum capacity of 200mb / 22 minutes and offers an alternative marketing tool for your products. Unlike CD business cards, the mini CD retains the familiar circular format and can be printed full colour litho photo quality or with pantone colours to match your corporate identity.

Xpresscds offer various packaging options for mini CD duplication or replication including paper wallets in a range of colours, CD poly wallets with or without adhesive strips or hard CD jewel case, DVD case or bespoke CD packaging such as colour card wallets to suit your own product or corporate image.

Artwork template

For the mini CD artwork template image below for the artwork:

mini CD width, 80mm

Sample Buiness card Single mini cd

We use bespoke packaging designed and constructed to keep our products safe, however, inevitably damage in transit does occur occasionally and we respond immediately to replace affected goods without delay.