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Audio CD Copying

Are you looking for a specialist audio CD copying company that have the technical know how to deal with your copying? Do you need the services of a audio CD copying company that has years of experience in delivering the right result when it comes to copying? If your answer is yes then your search ends here. Here at XPRESSCD we are able to deal with all your audio CD copying at the most competitive prices on the Internet.

XPRESSCD are a company that specialises in providing high quality audio CD copying. We are a highly experienced team that can deal with all your audio CD copying requirements at a fraction of the cost. We use all the latest methods and technology through our audio CD copying service, ensuring the best possible quality results is delivered to you.

We offer different price structures for audio CD copying, from CD singles to DigiPaks. And the more you want copying the more discount you will receive. The price of our audio CD copying includes: Glass mastering, Up to 4 colour cd on-body printing, 4 page Booklet (cover 4 colours, inside black), Inlay card (4/0) / J Card 4/4 in maxi case, Jewel case (black/grey tray), Output to films from ready artwork on disc, cellowrapping and also you can have your copied CD’s sent to 1 address free of charge (in the UK).

If you require any more information with regards to the Audio CD copying service we can provide then please feel free to browse this website.